Introducing Zugata Insights: AI-powered analytics to measure, monitor, and improve organizational performance

By S K
on Feb 12, 2018 10:00:00 AM

Our mission at Zugata is to help companies create high-performance cultures by empowering employees to reach their potential. But performance management doesn’t stop at the individual—in order for HR to maximize business impact, it needs to optimize the employees’ environment for success.

I’m excited to announce that today, we’re taking a big step forward with the launch of Zugata Insights. Zugata Insights allows our customers to measure, manage, and improve organizational performance through a unique set of AI-powered analytics.

Driving Organizational Performance

With the profound amount of data available to companies today, HR leaders and executives can now measure organizational health as a leading indicator of business outcomes. The right data allows leaders to understand, manage, and measure their organization in unprecedented ways.

For example, organizational culture is a predictor of a company’s success, but one that has traditionally been difficult to measure with data. According to Deloitte, 82% of business leaders believe that culture is a potential competitive advantage, but only 28% of respondents of a survey believe they understand their culture well, and only 19% believe they have the “right culture.”

Zugata Insights uses natural language processing and machine learning to aggregate and analyze written feedback about employees, providing companies with the data that allows them to strategically measure and improve key factors that drive organizational performance.

Zugata Insights allows you to drive organizational performance by…

Measuring and Improving Company Culture

Given the importance of culture to an organization’s success, most companies spend a lot of time thinking through the behaviors they value. Coming up with cultural values and sharing them broadly is the easy part, but companies struggle to know if they are “walking the walk.”  Zugata Insights shows executives the most valued and rewarded attributes of their organization. By analyzing this data, executives can understand culture in practice, how it is evolving, and take action before the gap between rewarded behaviors and established values grows too large.

Learn more about what we found in our analysis of company culture in my LinkedIn post. (Hint: your culture values may not be what you think they are!)

Measuring and Eradicating Gender Bias

The most powerful company culture is an inclusive one. According to Deloitte, highly inclusive cultures are 6x more likely to be innovative and 2x more likely to meet or exceed financial targets. With Zugata Insights, companies are now able to measure and mitigate unconscious bias attributed to gender by surfacing any disparity in how male and female employees are being described and rated.

Understanding the attributes and skills of its top performers

Finally, HR leaders and executives now have clear insight into the attributes and skills of top performers at their organization. Zugata Insights shows a set of common behaviors, attributes, and skills of individuals in its highest performing employee segment. This data helps Zugata customers improve its efforts in recruiting and talent management by using a data-driven approach to acquire, develop, and reward talent strategically.

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