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3 Ways to Create a Feedback Culture

There’s a clear disconnect in the employee experience that can’t be overlooked—87% of employees rate professional or career growth and development ...

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What "Belonging" Really Means at Atlassian, and How They’re Leading a New Conversation

Words like diversity, representation, inclusion, demographics—the list goes on—have been swirling in the People space, particularly in tech, for a ...

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Building Performance with a Purpose: A Partner Interview with Cody Wright

Announcing the new Zugata Partner Program was an exciting milestone for not only our team, but for those we’ve joined forces with. To learn more ...

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Is Personality Impacting Women’s Pay Day? The Role of Bias in Performance Feedback

April 10—a day that marks just how far into the new year women must work to reach pay parity with men. That’s more than one business quarter; more ...

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How Continuous Feedback Reinforces a Culture of High Performance

  Organizations pour hours into their talent acquisition strategy—constantly on the lookout for top talent with the skills and mindset they need to ...

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The World of Work is Changing—Is Your Organization's Feedback Strategy Keeping Up? 

With the rapidly shifting business landscape, organizations have to be more in tune than ever with their performance standards and investment in ...

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Create a Thriving Organization with Psychological Safety

At the end of the day, organizations are continuously asking themselves: How do we get our people to do their best work? It comes down to the culture ...

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4 Things We Learned by Interviewing High-Performing Companies

When you take a look at companies with high-performance cultures, what sets them apart? A mindset of growth, learning, and innovation. While building ...

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Rethinking Performance Development: An Employee-Owned Approach

Keeping up with today’s rapid speed of business has been no easy feat for organizations. This changing paradigm has required them to adapt in a way ...

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Say Goodbye to Manual Data Entry with Zugata’s BambooHR Integration

We’re excited to announce an integration with BambooHR that enables real time and secure synchronization of employee information with Zugata. This ...

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