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5 Questions to Ask Employees Before Reinventing Your Performance Review Process

Posted by Julia Cox on Nov 29, 2017 4:56:33 PM


Finding a performance management solution that excites employees can be a challenge. As Deloitte pointed out in their 2017 Global Human Capital Trends, the way we work has dramatically changed, and performance management is playing catch up. More companies are realizing the importance of more frequent, less lengthy feedback, with 79% of executives rating performance management change as a high priority.

One way to ensure your company transitions to the right process is to engage the people who will have to adopt the new process–your employees. Designing with an employee-centric mindset means a higher likelihood of engagement and adoption. But, how do you get to the root of what will work best?

These questions, created by Amy Dobler in her time at Jive Software, are designed to help you narrow down criteria you need from a solution based on employees’ input and feedback. They are part of a research framework that Amy and her team designed to help them rebuild Jive's performance management process to be employee-centric.  


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