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Melissa Suzuno is a freelance copywriter who enjoys exploring the intersection of people and work.

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Disrupting the Traditional 360 Review

It’s been a common refrain in the HR space for the past few years that the traditional approach to performance management is broken. Conducting ...

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Want to Give Better Feedback? Start with These 5 Questions

Have you decided to make feedback a regular occurrence at your company? Good thinking! Frequent feedback is an essential element of a ...

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If You Want Actionable Feedback, Pay Attention to Who Gives It

If your goal is to give your employees the best feedback possible, you’ve probably already given some thought to what that feedback should look like. ...

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4 Ways to Reduce Bias and Create Inclusive Performance Reviews

There are a number of ways that bias can impact our decisions at work, and one significant area where this occurs is with performance reviews. On the ...

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5 Ways to Limit Bias from Feedback

Feedback is the cornerstone of a high-performance culture. The more employees become accustomed to giving and receiving feedback, the better equipped ...

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5 Ways Attributed Feedback Leads to Better Outcomes

  Continuous feedback is an essential element of organizations seeking to create a high-performance culture. If you’re investing in your employees’ ...

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Getting Everyone on Board with a Culture of Feedback at Enjoy

If you’re striving to build a high-performance company, it’s only natural to focus on feedback. By sharing what people are doing well and where they ...

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How Midtown International School Built a High-Performance Culture with Democratized Feedback

When it comes to performance management, schools have some unique challenges. Teachers’ feedback is often based on classroom observations, but these ...

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Want to Help Your Employees Grow? Try This Approach to Goal-Setting

Ask any employee how they feel about goals at work and you’re likely to get a lukewarm response. A lot of people associate the concept of goals and ...

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How Greenhouse Drives Engagement Through Performance Management

When your company is growing quickly, you’re often juggling multiple priorities (and perhaps putting out some fires along the way, too!). So it can ...

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