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Re-Imagining Performance Reviews

Posted by S K on Oct 12, 2017 2:55:10 PM

Baseball playoffs. Pre-season hockey and basketball. Fantasy football discussions in the office. Pumpkins everywhere. Must be fall with end of the year right around the corner. Q4 also happens to be performance review season when entire organizations come to a standstill as employees spend countless hours filling out required paperwork.

Ever since Juniper Networks and Adobe announced a few years ago that they are dumping annual performance reviews, there has been a steady drumbeat of others (Accenture, Deloitte and GE being the most recent ones) following suit. This got me thinking, in today’s millennial, mobile, cloud world, what should a performance system look like if designed from scratch?

Before jumping into the details, it is important to understand how the millennial, mobile and cloud era is different and why we need to adapt.


How to Give Valuable Feedback

Posted by S K on Mar 28, 2017 1:00:00 PM
You know that feedback is an important step to professional growth, but how do you get others on the same page to actually give valuable feedback?

A shift to a feedback culture can benefit from introducing some norms to get everyone aligned, and we’ll tackle the “giving feedback” part today in this multi-part series.

Building a Healthy Relationship

Giving feedback is part of building a healthy relationship. It’s an ongoing two-way exchange that requires the right mindset and goals up front. As Liane Davey puts it in a Harvard Business Review article, “Deliver Feedback that Sticks,” a feedback mindset means you’re invested in your colleague’s success as an ally, and not just reacting emotionally.

Feedback as a Nudge

 Laszlo Bock’s WORK RULES! he discusses Google’s take on initiating change using gentle reminders, or “nudges.” Building off of their guiding principles, we think that feedback is equivalent to a nudge and that means good feedback is specific, actionable and timely.

Specific and actionable

In Davey’s article, she provides four key aspects to making feedback specific and actionable:


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