Better Together: Performance Management and Learning & Development

By Caroline Van Dyke
on Oct 11, 2017 1:00:00 PM


At the heart of a high-growth organization is a high-performance culture, but how do companies ensure they develop their employees to reach their full potential? Embracing a growth mindset is the foundation for optimizing performance and development, two practices that are critical to building a forward-thinking performance management process. At Zugata, we believe employees are their best when they aren’t just left with performance measurement, but are given personalized development resources within the same solution to drive their performance. Our mantra is that performance management and learning & development are better together — just like a steaming cup of coffee and a perfectly sprinkled donut.

Better Together

If 95% of managers are dissatisfied with the way their companies conduct performance reviews, there must be a better way, and that involves a new mindset decoupling ‘performance measurement’ from ‘performance development.’ Zugata doesn’t leave performance up to chance, employees, or managers alone, instead we jump in and find custom learning and development resources that are personalized to each employee. If recent feedback notes a need for growth in a particular focus area, Zugata will serve up material to drive learning in that area. If employees are excited to learn something new and expand their experience, we’ve got resources for that, too. It’s the perfect, all-in-one measure and learn process.


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By fully integrating performance measurement and development in one solution, learning resources can be fine-tuned to employee feedback or areas for growth. Not only are they personalized, but the entire process is easy to navigate. Without the hassle of jumping in and out of different environments, employees can have a holistic, easy-to-use system for all their performance needs. Sounds like a perfect match.

Developing a High-Performance Culture


Approaching performance management as a yearly review and ‘one and done’ philosophy is backward-looking; instead, a high-performing culture keeps its eyes on the future and what’s best for employees, and as a result, best for organizations. This involves continuous feedback and measurement, followed up by growth and development. If companies aren’t properly turning insights into action, they aren’t helping their employees get better, but only following an archaic performance review process that yields unsatisfying results. Driving performance means driving development, and that’s a philosophy and model we take seriously.

Why invest heavily in reviews and feedback to just let them inform compensation and promotion, instead they should be harnessed to also drive development and push employees to reach their potential. The result? A high-performing culture.

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