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How to Give Valuable Feedback

Posted by S K on Mar 28, 2017 1:00:00 PM
You know that feedback is an important step to professional growth, but how do you get others on the same page to actually give valuable feedback?

A shift to a feedback culture can benefit from introducing some norms to get everyone aligned, and we’ll tackle the “giving feedback” part today in this multi-part series.

Building a Healthy Relationship

Giving feedback is part of building a healthy relationship. It’s an ongoing two-way exchange that requires the right mindset and goals up front. As Liane Davey puts it in a Harvard Business Review article, “Deliver Feedback that Sticks,” a feedback mindset means you’re invested in your colleague’s success as an ally, and not just reacting emotionally.

Feedback as a Nudge

 Laszlo Bock’s WORK RULES! he discusses Google’s take on initiating change using gentle reminders, or “nudges.” Building off of their guiding principles, we think that feedback is equivalent to a nudge and that means good feedback is specific, actionable and timely.

Specific and actionable

In Davey’s article, she provides four key aspects to making feedback specific and actionable:


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