Zugata is Now Part of Culture Amp

By S K
on Jan 30, 2019 12:00:11 PM


When Philippe and I started Zugata in December 2014, we had a vision to build a company that utilized data to help employees and organizations reach their potential. We started by focusing on employees first and built a continuous feedback solution. This quickly morphed into a comprehensive performance management solution that is used today by a number of remarkable companies like Lyft, Greenhouse, Gusto, Careem, InVision, Compass and many more. Our work in the performance management space helped us win the Gartner 2018 Cool Vendors in Human Capital Management award.

Along the way, we realized that an employee’s performance is tightly coupled with the environment in which they work. If an employee is not engaged, there is almost no chance that she will do her best work. Last year we announced a new initiative, Organization Performance Management, where we started to measure different kinds of biases that could be holding employees back from developing and performing at their best. Our work on measuring gender bias in performance reviews was recognized with the best startup research paper award at Knowledge of Data and Deep Learning (KDD 2018) Conference.

Meanwhile, in a parallel universe thousands of miles away, Didier, Rod, Doug and Jon started Culture Amp with a similar vision of putting people and culture first to help employees and organizations do better. After dabbling with helping individuals, they settled on helping organizations with a market leading employee feedback platform that has since evolved into a comprehensive solution that lets companies collect, understand and act on employee feedback. As they continue to build out a remarkable company, they realized that in order for Culture Amp to have a bigger impact, they needed to focus on employee development and performance management as well.

Today, the two universes are coming together! We are very excited to be joining forces with Culture Amp to enable culture first companies to help their employees and organizations develop. Over the last year or so since Didier and I have been chatting, it became clear to us that our visions of what we want to do for our customers, how we thought about building products, and our internal values and culture were closely aligned. Both of us realized that performance and engagement are tightly coupled and should not be tracked in disparate silos. Like coffee and donuts, wine and cheese, peanut butter and jelly, performance management and engagement feedback are better together. We reached the conclusion that by working together we could go faster in helping our customers. So today we are excited to announce that Culture Amp acquired Zugata.

Color AuditHmm, even our color palettes were eerily similar.

Our customers will now be able to purchase market-leading and award-winning engagement feedback and performance management products from the same company. There is no other vendor who can offer battle-tested, proven and complete solutions as we can. Yet, we believe we are just getting started. There is plenty more in store in terms of how we will connect the dots across engagement and performance data to offer meaningful insights to our customers. Stay tuned…

Philippe, I and the rest of the Zugis are excited to join Culture Amp and start the next chapter in our journey. We want to thank our customers who pushed us to build not just a great product but a great company, our numerous advisors and investors who were always there to help us, and our awesome board members, Dr. Steve Herrod and Hrach Simonian, who were phenomenal to work with and to have in our corner. Finally, a sincere thank you to all the current and former Zugis who took a chance on us and helped us build a company that we are proud of - couldn’t have done it without your commitment!

For more information, read: https://blog.cultureamp.com/culture-amp-acquires-zugata.


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Author: S K

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