Zugata’s New Partnerships with Skillshare & The Muse Help Companies Personalize Professional Development

By Caroline Van Dyke
on Oct 26, 2017 10:49:46 AM


At Zugata, we believe performance management should go beyond a system of record and compliance. Instead, it’s about building a culture of high-performance. We’ve built performance management software designed to help employees grow and improve — driving performance forward and impacting your company’s bottom line.

Redefining Performance Management

To accomplish this mission, Zugata offers the only performance management software with both elements of successful performance management: performance evaluation and performance development.



Instead of only evaluating past performance, Zugata also equips employees with insightful data and personalized resources to improve their skills — constantly driving their development forward.

To create high-performance cultures, Zugata helps companies bridge performance management and learning & development. In Zugata’s employee-facing platform, an algorithm requests and interprets feedback from key colleagues to give employees insightful dashboards with a comprehensive understanding of their strengths, areas to improve, and a clear picture of their progress. With this information, Zugata recommends personalized learning paths for each employee. Resources include instructional videos, articles, courses from Lynda.com, and mentors. Now, Zugata customers can offer additional resources through new partnerships with Skillshare and The Muse.

Zugata + Skillshare


With the new Zugata and Skillshare integration, employees can access a curated list of online courses around design, front-end development, marketing, communications, and more. All employees are offered a free two-month trial to access over 17,000 courses that are taught by the world’s top practitioners in their fields. Through Skillshare, employees will also be able to create projects, join discussions, and learn from other students. 


Zugata + The Muse


Sometimes, employees prefer a more personal touch to their development. The Muse now offers one-on-one career coaching for professional development. Zugata’s algorithms recommend specific career coaches based on an employee’s strengths or areas of improvement. The Muse’s career coaches can help employees navigate current professional obstacles or help set them up for future success at a company.


Partnerships That Pack a Punch

With performance management and learning merging together, these partnerships help organizations build high-performing cultures. When growth mindset becomes part of a company’s culture and the appropriate resources are made available, employees, in turn, are more engaged, productive, and overall happier. With the added development resources from Skillshare and The Muse, your employees have even more resources to grow and improve.

Start building a high-performance culture today and check out our new partnerships.

Learn more about how we are Creating a Culture of High-Performance in our free eBook. And if you want to learn more about Zugata, request a demo.

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