Zugata’s Zenefits Integration

By Caroline Van Dyke
on Oct 18, 2016 11:00:00 AM

We are excited to announce a partnership with Zenefits that enables a real time and secure synchronization of employee information between Zenefits and Zugata. This integration enables customers using Zenefits and Zugata to automatically enroll new employees into Zugata and maintain employee information (job title, reporting structure, etc.) in sync between the two systems. No more manual data entry required and no more out-of-sync data across the two systems.

Why pair up?


Zenefits and Zugata are like a PBJ sandwich, even better together. Zenefits is an all in one HR platform that helps you manage payroll, benefits, time and attendance, compliance and more. Once your employees are quickly set up with payroll and benefits in Zenefits, we provide an opportunity to think about one of the best benefits you can bring to them in the workplace: their career development. That’s where Zugata steps in. Zugata empowers your employees to reach their potential with continuous feedback and personalized development resources delivered to them. With Zugata, employees can understand how they’re doing and what they can do to improve. No more being in the dark about how to thrive in their jobs.

Connect your Zenefits account with Zugata to enable the most powerful way to manage and enable your team to do their best work.

How it works

When a new employee joins your company and is set up in Zenefits, Zugata automatically creates a new account for that employee. Don’t worry about the other tedious work; Zugata synchronizes your employee data (name, email address, title, reporting structure) and sends an invitation to quickly get started. While providing a great onboarding experience with Zenefits is a must for employees, providing them with continuous feedback and valuable personalized development resources to develop allows employees to further engage and grow in the high-performing workplace.

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Zenefits and Zugata together can help your team get started faster and develop to their potential. Give the integration a try today!

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